[Parution] Participations. Journal of Audience & Reception Studies, Volume 13, Issue 1

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The Journal devoted to developing the broad field of study of cultural and media audiences

Volume 13, Issue 1

(May 2016)

Url : http://participations.org/Volume%2013/Issue%201/contents.htm



Rosenbaum, Judith:

‘'”We regret to inform you that …”: Academia and the power of rejection improvement’’



Gross, Jonathan & Stephanie Pitts:

‘Audiences for the contemporary arts: Exploring varieties of participation across art forms in Birmingham, UK’

O’Neill, Sinéad, Joshua Edelman & John Sloboda:

‘Opera and emotion: The cultural value of attendance for the highly engaged’

Parsemain, Ava Laure:

‘Do critical viewers learn from television?’

Wiard, Victor & David Domingo:

‘Fragmentation versus convergence: University students in Brussels and the consumption of TV series on the Internet’

Yecies, Brian, Jie Yang, Aegyung Shim, Kai Soh & Matthew Berryman:

‘The Douban online social media barometer and the Chinese reception of Korean popular culture flows’


Themed Section 1: ‘Secret Cinema’

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Themed Section 2: ‘Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research

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Themed Section 3: ‘Exploring imaginary worlds: Audiences, fan cultures and geographies of the imagination

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Themed Section 1: ‘Secret Cinema’

Atkinson, Sarah & Helen W. Kennedy (Themed Section Editors):

‘Introduction: Inside-the-scenes – The rise of experiential cinema’

Pett, Emma:

‘”Stay disconnected”: Eventising Star Wars for transmedia audiences’

Svensson, Alexander & Dan Hassoun:

‘”Scream into your phone”: Second screen horror and controlled interactivity’

McCulloch, Richard & Virginia Crisp:

‘”Watch like a grown up … enjoy like a child”: Exhibition, authenticity, and film audiences at the Prince Charles Cinema’

Levitt, Linda:

‘Hollywood, nostalgia, and outdoor movies’

Vivar, Rosana:

‘A film bacchanal: Playfulness and audience sovereignty in San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival’

Atkinson, Sarah & Name Name (Themed Section Editors):

‘From conflict to revolution: The secret aesthetic, narrative spatialisation and audience experience in immersive cinema design’



Themed Section 2: ‘Consortium on Emerging Directions in Audience Research

Ranjana, Das & Brita Ytre-Arne (Themed Section Editors):

‘After the excitement: An introduction to the work of CEDAR’

Mathieu, David, Miguel Vicente-Mariño, Maria José Brites, Inês Amaral, Niklas A. Chimirri, Juliane Finger, Bojana Romic, Minna Saariketo, Riitta Tammi, Marisa Torres da Silva & Liliana Pacheco, with contributions from Félix Ortega:

‘Methodological challenges in the transition towards online audience research’

Stehling, Miriam, Juliane Finger & Ana Jorge:

‘Comparative audience research: A review of cross-national and cross-media audience studies’

Kaun, Anne, Jannie Møller Hartley & Jānis Juzefovičs:

‘In search of the invisible (audiences)’

Pavlíčková, Tereza & Jelena Kleut:

‘Produsage as experience and interpretation’

Mollen, Anne, Minna Saariketo & Jelena Kleut:

‘Intersecting audience activities: An audience studies perspective on the materiality of design, platforms and interfaces’

Ridder, Sander De, Lucia Vesnić-Alujević & Bojana Romic:

‘Challenges when researching digital audiences: Mapping audience research of software designs, interfaces and platforms’

Murru, Maria Francesca:

‘Listening, temporalities and epistemology: A hermeneutical perspective on mediated civic engagement’

Murru, Maria Francesca & Miriam Stehling, with contributions from Inês Amaral & Marco Scarcelli:

‘The civic value of being an audience: The intersection between media and citizenship in audience research’

Vesnić-Alujević, Lucia & Maria Francesca Murru:

‘Digital audiences’ disempowerment: Participation or free labour’

Dias, Patrícia & Ana Jorge:

‘Audience experiencing of emotions in the contemporary media landscape’

Zaborowski, Rafal & Fredrik Dhaenens:

‘Old topics, old approaches? “Reception” in television studies and music studies’

Mathieu, David, Maria José Brites, Niklas A. Chimirri & Minna Saariketo:

‘In dialogue with related fields of inquiry: The interdisciplinarity, normativity and contextuality of audience research’



Themed Section 3: ‘Exploring imaginary worlds: Audiences, fan cultures and geographies of the imagination

Wolf, Mark J.P:


Proctor, William & Richard McCulloch (Themed Section Editors):


White, Daniel:

‘Middle Earth Music: The sonic inhabitation of a fantasy world’

O’Malley, Evelyn:

‘Imagining Arden: Audience responses to place and participation at Taking Flight Theatre Company’s As You Like It

Jamieson, Gill & Ann McVitie:

‘Noir Building?: Understanding the immersive fandom of Noir City’

Reagin, Nancy:

‘Dances With Worlds: Karl May, “Indian” hobbyists, and German fans of the American West since 1912’

McCormick, Casey:

‘”There’s More Than One of Everything”: Navigating Fringe’s Cofactual Multiverse’

Lyczba, Fabrice:

‘Spectatoritis vs. World-Building: Sandbox spectatorship in American children’s silent film culture’

Spanò, Carmen:

‘Audience engagement with multi-level fictional universes: The case of Game of Thrones and its Italian fans’

Norris, Craig:

‘Japanese media tourism as World-Building: Akihabara’s Electric Town and Ikebukuro’s Maiden Road’

Hassler-Forest, Dan:

‘Skimmers, Dippers and Divers: Campire’s Steve Coulson on transmedia marketing and audience participation’



Wolf, Mark J.P:
Building Imaginary Worlds: The Theory and History of Subcreation (reviewed by Martin Barker, with a response from Mark J.P Wolf)

Hassler-Forest, Dan:
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Politics: Transmedia World-Building Beyond Capitalism (reviewed by Bethan Jones)

Laurent Di Filippo

MCF en SIC, docteur en SIC et études scandinaves. Membre du CREM. http://laurent.di-filippo.fr

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